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This is Otenba

An ode to a man with equal parts of love for Japan and jenever. Jacob. The grandfather of our founder, distiller and full-on badass, Monique.

Being named after the Japanese word for a rebellious girl, OTENBA is here to bend the rules. Wait… scratch that. We’re here to break them. ‘Cause while our industry often focusses on the differences between gin and jenever, we choose for one time to unite their strengths. The lovability of a gin. The depth of a jenever.

Something to use in a spiffy little bartender drink. And something for the casual G&T-sipper to enjoy if they’re feeling adventurous. A truly Dutch spirit jam-packed with Asian flavours like lemongrass, pandan and Sencha tea.

A sorta gin. A kinda genever.

Postbus 15964
1001NL Amsterdam

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