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Wilhelmus Coppenrath was born in 1935. Five years later the second world war started, and not long after the war found its way to the Netherlands. Wil had to find a creative way to find food and water for his family. During the war he learned to be creative but he also learned what it meant to work hard for what you want. With his creative and positive mindset he survived the war.

When he was older he started working in the port of Rotterdam. One day he received a special gift from a captain that came with a ship from the Dominican Republic. This gift was a bottle of spiced rum. After work Wil tasted this rum and immediately wanted to know more about this special drink. Unfortunately when Wil tried to find the captain on the next day, the ship had already left for her long journey home. In this period Wil created an interest in good quality rum and shared this passion with his friends.

Wil traveled around the world to find more of this unique rum. He tasted different kind of good rums around the world and slowly developed an excellent taste for good (quality) rum. Wil created a habit of celebrating his successes with a bottle of rum that he bought during his trips. He shared these moments with people he thought where worth drinking with.

Wil taught his grandsons to be gentlemen, he taught them how to get surrounded by people that lift you higher. He said you will become a product of the people who you spend time with. Therefore, surround yourself with the best.

In 2018 they entrusted the Herman Janssen distillery with the task of recreating the original rum Wil received 65 years ago. Baron Spiced Rum became a blend of an unaged rum, a 3YO rum and 3-5YO rums from the Dominican Republic, Guyana and Barbados. We created an exclusive mixture of rum and spices that has an extraordinary taste, which is bottled in the finest bottles.

Friday the 13th of November was the day we made history with Baron Spiced Rum. The start of a community that is created for those who want to celebrate their successes in life. Go get your bottle and tag us to be part of our community. Be a Baron and enjoy the sweet taste of success.

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